What We Offer

There are numerous benefits to procuring our services. We provide in depth, relative training giving you the best possible chance to nail service consistency from the time you start. You will also receive a favourable image through the cross pollination of our CSI missions and results. The waiters receive specific sale-based training increasing your profits through upselling methods that last. Please do not hesitate to contact the Academy for any service you may require. We are happy to help.

• Waiter training both theoretical and practical.

• Barista training.

• Staff placements service.

• Recruitment assistance.

Good reasons for the Industry:

• Increase sales through definitive upselling training methods.
• Vetted staff.
• POS 360 trained staff.
• Professionally trained waiter staff.

We Are The Answer

• Combined 40 years of local and international food and beverage experience between the founders.

• 2 weeks in depth, detailed and succinct theory and practical training at the premises.

• Definitive theory teaching of service, skills, food, beverage, sales, health and safety curriculums.

• On site training restaurant built with POS 360 as our point of sale partner for basic POS functionality.

• Passing students drafted onto a digital recruitment database with access privileges given to industry stakeholders for employment sourcing assistance.

• All potential employees are vetted by The Service Academy – ID, Bank, Work Permits/Asylums/Police.

• Customisable space for any restaurant brand available.

• Endorsement by Illy, Heineken, Spier wines.

• Proudly South African with a mission to create opportunity through enablement.

Our Core values

• Passionate: About what we do, passionate about people, passionate about opportunity.

• Empowerment: With skills and knowledge enabling employment opportunities to our attendees.

• Growth: To all our graduates who wish the pursue a life investment into the hospitality industry.

• Enabling: Progressive life chances that come when you work hard, honestly and consistently.

• Freedom: Across all levels, assisting with the betterment of our students through accessibility.